Preparing for summer

As the days lengthen we spend most of our spare time preparing for the summer. More post-winter ground tidying, lots of building maintenance and planting.


First job on the list is to hoe the earth again and get the seedlings in. The seedlings grow quickly and by the end of the month things are looking good.

As work progresses so do the kitchen and herb gardens. The beans climb and we have a mass of mint, lemon balm and chamomile.


The view from the walkway some years back when we first spread local manure on the banks below the rooms. It gave us instant ground coverage along with these poppies. They are a familiar sight all over the region in spring.

These are the only creatures 'going slow' round here at this time of year. Riogordo holds a snail festival in May where they are the local specialty. However, on our hill we see them in abundance in March and we gather up their shells only when they have left their homes.

It's a great time for visitors to explore the area, driving out into the spectacular landscapes or to walk some of Axarquia's hidden trails.

fountainhead andalucia

For us there is constant maintenance, cacti trimming, stones re-bedding, roofs waterproofing and the buildings white washed.

spanish landscape

March brings some changeable weather with fabulous skies, moody for a short while...

Riogordo landscape spain

And always followed by the sun.